Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
Lesson at a Glance Outline

Chapter 8, Lesson 3: An Early Prairie Town (pp. 154-157)

I. Cowboys in the West

II. The Growth of Abilene

    A. The railroad brought more people out west to start businesses and set up farms.

    B. The railroad and Chisholm Trail made Abilene an important prairie town.

    C. Cattle were driven along the Chisholm Trail to Abilene and shipped by train to Chicago.

    D. Abilene became a busy trade center.

III. The Cowboys Move On
    A. By 1872, Abilene was no longer a busy trade center.

    B. Texas cattle were not allowed in Abilene because they carried a sickness that made northern cattle ill.

    C. Cattle were shipped on new railroads that were built closer to Texas than Abilene.

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