Grade 3
A Closer Look
  Washington, D.C.
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Take a virtual tour of our nation's capital city by visiting these sites on the Internet!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Visit the official Internet site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. to learn about the history of the Vietnam War, the building of the memorial wall, and the importance of the memorial to Americans today. This memorial is one of the most popular and moving historic sites in the city. At this site you can view images of the wall and search for the names engraved there.

Portraiture in the U.S. Capitol
Discover the rich history and artwork of the U.S. Capitol building with this online essay on the historic portraits housed there.

Welcome to the White House
Visit the world's most famous address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., where the President of the United States lives and works. You can take a virtual tour of the White House, learn about current and past presidents and their families, find information on important issues facing the nation, and more. The White House for Kids section of this site will give you information on the location and history of the White House as well as the children and pets who have lived there. You can also read "Inside the White House," a special newsletter just for kids.

The National Zoo
The National Zoo site offers a behind-the-scenes look at the animals, plants, people, and programs of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Visitors are treated to a wide variety of informational articles, audio lectures, educational games, downloadable movies, and, of course, pictures of the zoo's exotic animals. The zoo's colorful, well-written virtual exhibits have a way of drawing one in, and before you know it you could learn a lot here. The National Zoo is part of the Electronic Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
The Smithsonian Institution site contains all sorts of information on the Smithsonian's museums, exhibits, programs, staff and other resources. In addition to easy reference to everything you could ever want to know about the Smithsonian, this site hosts The Electronic Smithsonian -- a collection of excellent online exhibits based on the several of the Smithsonian's real-world exhibitions.


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