Grade 3
A Closer Look
  National Parks
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Learn about some of America's national parks by visiting these Internet sites. It's the next best thing to being there!

Grand Canyon Tourism & National Park Information
Take a trip to the Grand Canyon. This Internet site offers a Canyon photo gallery, spotlights on current issues facing the Canyon, trip-planning information, maps, anecdotes by a National Geographic author, and links to other Grand Canyon sites.

Plan a virtual class trip to the Grand Canyon. Use this site to help you decide when to visit, where to stay, what clothes to wear and supplies to bring, and what sights you want to see.

Yosemite National Park
Step into the wilderness of Yosemite, in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. Photos, descriptions, fun facts, and even animated waterfalls bring the beauty of the Sierra to your computer.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
See dramatic photographs of recent volcano eruptions in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park -- an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site. This site also contains general information on the park, park and summit maps, and satellite images of Hawaii.

Pictures of Yellowstone National Park
Check out this popular photo gallery of beautiful sites at Yellowstone from the University of Montana's School of Forestry.

Grand Canyon Explorer
This site offers in-depth information on the Grand Canyon, including descriptions of its geology and dimensions, as well as images and maps. The link to John Wesley Powell provides details of his 1869 expedition through the Canyon.

Yellowstone National Park
Get the facts on America's oldest national park: Yellowstone, in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. This official Internet site offers a brief history as well as photos, a map, and a fact sheet on the park.

Glacier National Park Website Visitor Center
Pack your bags for northern Montana and Glacier National Park. This site provides a photo tour of this park located along the U.S.-Canada border. You can read information on the geology and wildlife found in the park, view interactive maps and photographs, and track weather conditions in the park.

The National Park Service: ParkNet
For information on the history, natural features, and resources of national parks across the United States, check out the information at this site from the National Park Service. You can access Internet sites for many different parks from this site.

Use the interactive map to find the site of a national park near your home. You can use the information from the park's Internet site to create a poster showing the geology, ecology, and other aspects of the park.


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