Grade 3
A Closer Look
  The Grand Canyon
(Use with pp. 20-21.)

Explore the rugged beauty of the Grand Canyon on the Internet.

Grand Canyon Tourism & National Park Information
Take a trip to the Grand Canyon. This Internet site offers a Canyon photo gallery, spotlights on current issues facing the Canyon, trip-planning information, maps, anecdotes by a National Geographic author, and links to other Grand Canyon sites.

Plan a virtual class trip to the Grand Canyon. Use this site to help you decide when to visit, where to stay, what clothes to wear and supplies to bring, and what sights you want to see.

Grand Canyon Studies:
Using Ocean-Research Techniques to Study a River System

Team up with scientists to study the effects of the Glen Canyon Dam on the Grand Canyon and Colorado River ecosystems. This project offers maps, reports, photographs, and data from a controlled flood in the canyon in 1996.


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