Grade 2
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Continents Clay Map
Use with Unit 4
Written by Claire Taylor
Grade 2 teacher
Stanwood Elementary School, Michigan USA

Objective: To help the students identify and understand the continents on the earth.


After the students have been introduced to the vocabulary at the beginning of the chapter, make and pass out the clay. I first have the kids make a mountain, peninsula, plain, etc., to demonstrate their understanding of the vocabulary. Then I pass out the paper maps that have been glued onto a piece of sturdy cardboard.

The kids color the oceans blue. Then they use the clay to fill in the outlines of the continents. If the clay isn't sticking, I just tell them to wet it a little and then it sticks.

After the clay is on, they paste the names of the continents in the appropriate places. They have to use their map in the book to find where that is.

I use this as an art activity and they are learning as well.!

* Recipe for Clay 2 cups of flour
l/2 cup salt
3/4 cup water
green food coloring if desired.

Directions: Put food coloring in the water before mixing with the flour and salt. This will make enough for about 8 maps 8-l/2 x 11).

Two Cultures, Two Traditions
Use with Unit 2, Lesson 3
Written by Tanya Hager
Grade 2 teacher
Grace Thille Elementary School
Santa Paula, California USA
E-mail: toutzhag @

Objective: After reading Lesson 3 in Unit 2 in Some People I Know, students will present a traditional food, write the recipe for the food, and describe the food's significance and the occasion when their family would eat the dish.

Before writing their recipes, have students look on the following Web sites for examples of how to write recipes:

As a homework assignment, students will write the recipe, bring in the prepared food, and write a short report describing the significance of the food and the holiday it is used in. As an option, the parents of the students may come in to class to explain the food. Each child will read their reports, and the teacher will bind the recipes together to make a "Traditional Family Recipes" book.

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