Unit 2

A Big Wide World
Unit 2 Literature "Our Big Home"
Lesson 1 Core Where Is It?
Extend Literature—"Somewhere"
Lesson 2 Core Our World's Land
Extend Literature—Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
Lesson 3 Core Our World's Water
Extend Geography—From Mountain to Faucet
Lesson 4 Core Seasons Bring Change
Extend Literature—"Four Seasons"
Lesson 5 Core Community Homes
Extend Literature—Birthdays Around the World
Lesson 6 Core People Have Needs and Wants
Extend History—Anna Goes Shopping
Lesson 7 Core People at Work
Extend Primary Source—Building a House Long Ago
Lesson 8 Core Saving
Extend History—Money Then . . . Money Now
Unit 2 Review
Unit 2 Project

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