Unit 3: The Civil War

Unit Almanac—Connect to Today

Causes of the Civil War
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Predict and Infer
Lesson 1 Core Worlds Apart
Extend Economics—King Cotton
Chart and Graph SkillCompare Bar, Line, and Circle Graphs
Apply Critical Thinking
Lesson 2 Core The Struggle for Freedom
Extend Literature—"Stealing Freedom" by Elisa Carbone
Lesson 3 Core Compromise and Conflict
Extend Readers' Theater—A Troubling Law
Lesson 4 Core Civil War Begins
Extend Primary Sources—Blue and Gray
Chapter 5 Review


The Civil War and Reconstruction
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Summarize
Lesson 1 Core A Nation at War
Extend Primary Source—The Gettysburg Address
Lesson 2 Core The Human Face of War
Extend Biographies—Courageous Women
Lesson 3 Core The War Ends
Extend Geography—A Global View, 1865
Lesson 4 Core Reconstruction
Extend Economics—The South After the War
Study SkillCompare Primary and Secondary Sources
Apply Critical Thinking
Lesson 5 Core The Challenge of Freedom
Extend History—African American Education
Chapter 6 Review
Unit 3 Review: Current Events Project
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