Unit 2: Exploration and Settlement

Unit Almanac—Connect to Today

Age of Exploration
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Monitor and Clarify
Lesson 1 Core World Travel and Trade
Extend Geography—The Silk Road
Lesson 2 Core New Ideas in Europe
Extend Technology—Tools for Discovery
Lesson 3 Core Europeans Arrive in the Americas
Extend Primary Source—Mapping New Lands
Lesson 4 Core Conquest of the Americas
Extend Biographies—Spanish Explorers
Lesson 5 Core New Spain
Extend Biographies—Leadership in New Spain
Map and Globe SkillUse Latitude and Longitude
Chapter 3 Review


European Settlements
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Summarize
Lesson 1 Core A Northwest Passage
Extend Biographies—Rulers of Land and Sea
Chart and Graph SkillUse Parallel Timelines
Lesson 2 Core Roanoke and Jamestown
Extend Literature—Geography—Jamestown 1607
Lesson 3 Core New England Settlements
Extend Literature—"This New Land" by G. Clifton Wisler
Lesson 4 Core Dutch and French Colonies
Extend Economics—French Fur Trading
Chapter 4 Review
Unit 2 Review: Current Events Project
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