Unit 2: The East

Unit Almanac—Connect to the Nation

Exploring the East
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Summarize
Lesson 1 Core Land and Climate
Extend Geography— How Glaciers Shaped the Land
Lesson 2 Core Resources and Economy
Extend Readers' Theater—Money and Banks
Study Skill Use Reference Materials
Lesson 3 Core People of the East
Extend Literature—"An Algonquian Year" by Michael McCurdy
Chart and Graph Skill Make a Timeline
Chapter 3 Review


Living in the East
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Question
Lesson 1 Core What's Special About New England
Extend Biographies—New Englanders
Chart and Graph Skill Read a Circle Graph
Apply Critical Thinking
Lesson 2 Core What's Special About the Mid-Atlantic
Extend Citizenship—Washington, D.C.
Chapter 4 Review
My State Handbook: Government
Unit 2 Review: Current Events Project
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