Unit 3: People Move from Place to Places

Unit Almanac—Connect to Today

Newcomers Settle
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Question
Lesson 1 Core Settlers in St. Louis
Extend Readers' Theater—Hello, St. Louis!
Chart and Graph Skill Read a Line Graph
Lesson 2 Core Moving West
Extend Technology—Transportation Then and Now
Map and Globe Skill Read a Map Scale
Chapter 5 Review


People from Many Places
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Predict and Infer
Lesson 1 Core Coming to America
Extend Literature—"Hannah's Journal" by Marissa Moss
Study Skill Identify Primary and Secondary Sources
Lesson 2 Core World Connection: Brazil
Extend Technology—Hi-Tech Brazil
Chapter 6 Review
My Community Handbook: History
Unit 3 Review: Current Events Project
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