Unit 2: America's Early Communities

Unit Almanac—Connect to Today

Old and New Communities
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Question
Lesson 1 Core The Navajo
Extend Primary Source—Navajo Sand Painting
Study Skill Choose the Right Source
Lesson 2 Core The Yurok
Extend Economics—Yurok Money
Lesson 3 Core The Cherokee
Extend Biography—Sequoyah
Reading and Thinking Skill Identify Cause and Effect
Lesson 4 Core The Haudenosaunee
Extend Literature—"Eagle Song" by Joseph Bruchac
Chapter 3 Review


Communities in History
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Monitor and Clarify
Lesson 1 Core Explorers Arrive
Extend Primary Source—Champlain's Map
Chart and Graph Skill Read and Interpret a Timeline
Lesson 2 Core Colonies in America
Extend History—Thanksgiving
Lesson 3 Core Becoming a Country
Extend Biographies—Freedom's Heroes
Citizenship Skill Make a Decision
Lesson 4 Core World Connection: Canada
Extend Geography—Canada's Resources
Chapter 4 Review
My Community Handbook: History
Unit 2 Review: Current Events Project
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