Unit 2

Where We Live
Vocabulary Preview Reading Strategy: Predict and Infer, Summarize
Lesson 1 Core Our Earth
Extend Geography—The Pacific Ocean
Map and Globe Skill Compare Globes and Maps
Lesson 2 Core Our Land, Our Water
Extend Biography—John Muir
Lesson 3 Core Natural Resources
Extend Economics—What Comes from Trees?
Graph and Chart Skill Read a Chart
Lesson 4 Core Weather and Seasons
Extend History—What Will the Weather Be?
Lesson 5 Core City, Town, Suburb
Extend History—Small Town, Big City
Map and Globe Skill Find Near and Far
Lesson 6 Core Our Country
Extend Citizenship—Make a Passport
Lesson 7 Core Our Country's Neighbors
Extend Primary Sources—Flags and Holidays
Unit 2 Review: Current Events Project
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