Where Is It?

Art, Language Arts, and Social Studies Activity

Children draw or find pictures to create a web illustrating locational and directional terms.



  1. Divide the class into pairs. Tell children they are going to draw or make pictures to make a web for words that show where things are. Ask children to name some locational or directional words, such as "on," "beside," "under," etc.

  2. On large pieces of paper, write one directional or locational word, so that you have at least one page for each pair or small group. Then distribute the pages to the children. Discuss with children what each word says. (You may want to paste or draw an example of the word to make the first strand of the web, and to help non-readers to remember what the word means.)

  3. Have children search through magazines or make drawings that show their word.

  4. With their partners, they should plan how they want to arrange the pictures on the page. They should also review each other's work to be sure that each picture illustrates the word correctly. When they are sure where they want the pictures to go and that all the pictures are correct, they can glue the pictures on the paper.

  5. Children then connect each picture to the word with string to form the web.


Have volunteers show their papers, and tell about the contents of each picture they chose or drew.

Display the webs throughout the room for children's reference during the unit.

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