Stateside Challenge

Language Arts Activity

Student teams master information about state geography, and use it to challenge fellow classmates in a geography game.



  1. Have students work in teams to study the states in one region of the United States (for example, New England) by locating it on the map/globe. Students should make notes on such factors as coastlines, borders with other states, capitals, and major landforms (mountains, lakes, rivers).

  2. Have each team write a set of clues for each state in the region. For example:

  3. To play Stateside Challenge, each team presents another team with a series of clues (up to five) about a state. The fewer clues a team needs to name the state, the more value the correct answer has. For example:

    one clue = 100 points
    two clues = 80 points
    three clues = 60 points
    four clues = 40 points
    five clues = 20 points

  4. Continue the Challenge matches by selecting another region for study.


Award bonus points if a team not only names the state but can point to it on a map or globe.

Students may enjoy playing similar challenge matches for hemispheres, continents, and countries.

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