Stamp Acts

Language Arts and Art Activity

Students design a commemorative postage stamp in honor of a person or event they believe is worthy of the honor.


Examples of commemorative stamps


  1. Show students examples of recent (as well as historical) commemorative stamps that have honored individuals in politics, the arts, the military, science, education, and so forth. Explain that stamps may also celebrate events, such as holidays, as well as traditions, victories, historical moments, and even special issues, such as endangered species.

  2. Have students form teams to draw up lists of individuals (or events, issues, and so forth) they would like to honor with a stamp. Have each group narrow its choice to one subject.

  3. List the finalists' names and invite all students to design a stamp that celebrates one of those subjects. Advise students to use what they have learned about using library reference materials to get more information, (including photographs) on the subject.

  4. Display the entries and have students vote for the winning design.


Encourage students to compose (and mail) a letter to the Postmaster General in which they explain why they think this subject should be honored with a commemorative stamp.

Invite a local philatelist to speak to the class about commemorative stamps.

Tour the Post Office and calls students' attention to announcements and information on new issues.

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