My Remember Book

Language Arts and Art Activity

Children put down their thoughts in a "remember book" about someone who has helped them in some way.



  1. Tell children they are going to write a remembering book about a special person. That person is someone who helped them in some way. The book will help them remember the person. Encourage volunteers' ideas about the kind of people it is good to remember. Examples might include the person who taught them how to ride a bike or play a game, a relative or friend who gave them a special gift or treat, a doctor who made them well, and a visitor who is a great storyteller.

  2. Discuss children a contents list of the kinds of things they might include in their Remember Books. Go over the list with children:

    A drawing of the person
    sentences that tell about the person
    A short description of what the person did that is worth remembering
    A promise either to thank the person in some way or to spread the good feeling by doing something nice for someone else

  3. Establish a "publishing" date and help children correct their work and make a clean copy. Have children make covers for their books and bind them. Celebrate the completion of the books by having each young author display and briefly describe the book to the class or a smaller group.


Children can also make greeting cards to thank the person they are remembering.

Pair children off to read aloud to each other from their books. Display the books on the library table so that others can read them.

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