Geography, Art

This activity will help students become familiar with maps as representations of real scenes and with map keys. Each student will create a map and a map key, understand that a map shows the view from above, and use a map key to interpret symbols and to locate places and objects on a map.

You can use an Assessment Rubric to assess students' mastery of the objectives.

What You Need

  • chart paper
  • crayons or markers

What to Do

  1. List the things you want in a playground.
  2. Make a symbol for each thing.
  3. Draw a map of the playground.
  4. Place the symbols on the map and in the map key.
  5. Give your map a title.

See If Your Map Works!

  • Ask a friend to read your map and to describe the playground.
  • Tell a story about how you would use the playground.