This Land Is Your Land

Art and Language Arts Activity

Children create picture postcards for different aspects of the United States they learn about from songs.



  1. Using Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" or another song as a starter, have each child design a picture postcard that might come from one of the places mentioned. For example, they might illustrate places in California, New York Island, the redwood forest, or the Gulf Stream water.

  2. Have children write a message on the other side about their "trip" to the pictured site. Have them direct their cards to classmates, using global addresses, then deliver them.


Encourage children to design a stamp for their post cards, one that honors a musician, a song, or even a particular instrument.

Children can use the song to stimulate visual images of what they want to draw. Or you can help them find pictures of the locations in reference books.

Have children locate each place on a map, point to it, and then find their own state. Use sticky notes to mark each location. The ask children which one is closest to home, which farthest away, and so forth.

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