Animal Babies on the Farm

Art and Language Arts Activity

Children learn the names of farm animals and to match them to their offsprings' names.



  1. Prepare ten cards with the names (and, if possible, pictures) of the following animals that might be found on a farm. On the back of each card, write the name of that animal's baby and the sound the animal makes:

    cow/calf moo chicken /chick cluck dog/puppy bow wow duck/duckling quack goat/kid baa sheep/lamb baa pig/piglet oink cat/kitten meow goose/gosling honk horse/foal heee

  2. Introduce the animals on the cards to the class. Then choose from four games that children can play to gain familiarity with the names. (The last two or three can be used as indoor activities when weather won't allow outdoor play at recess.)

    To get more children involved in the game, make duplicate names for mothers and offspring.


You may wish to introduce children to more specific gender terminology for farm animals. For example, mare, stallion, colt, ewe, ram, gander, hen, rooster, bull, sow.

Children can look through illustrated books for models, then make and label pictures of wild animals (such as deer, rabbits, and seals) and their young.

After playing the various games, suggest that children think up their own variations. Encourage them to set up directions for playing, test their ideas with other children, and teach the final version to the class.

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