An International Crew

Language Arts and Social Studies Activity

Students learn about cooperation by planning an international project.



  1. Initiate a discussion about international communities by mentioning such efforts as the Mir space station, scientific research stations in Antarctica, and the Olympic movment. Have students research these temporary, international communities and others they may think of. Tell them to be prepared to explain what conclusions they draw from each experience. Suggest that they consider such questions as these:

  • Divide students into cooperative groups. Tell the class that each group is going to use what they have learned to plan an international community that will engage in an project to benefit all the countries involved and perhaps the whole world. Their planning should lead to a written statement describing the project and what it hopes to accomplish.

  • Have students present their projects orally. Initiate a follow-up discussion on what they learned about cooperation in the process of planning.


    Have students choose one of the international communities they researched and put themselves in the place of one of its members. Have them write several journal entries to describe the experience of living and working with people from other countries.

    Students can use reference sources to find an international political body or volunteer organization that might be interested in the project they have outlined. Have them compose a letter in which they outline their ideas.

    Ask students to use what they've learned about international cooperation to draw up a list of guidelines for cooperation in communities closer to home, such as camps, clubs, and schoolrooms.

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