Community Close-Up Brochures

Art Activity

In this activity, students express a personal view of land areas as well as buildings, schools, stores, and cultural events that make their community unique.



  1. In preparation for the activity, brainstorm with students a list of land areas, schools, stores, cultural events, or people that would "advertise," or show off the best features of their community.

  2. To help students in brainstorming, have available local newspapers, picture maps, or brochures that highlight geographical features or cultural celebrations held throughout the year.

  3. Tell students that they can work in pairs or individually to design and create a "Community Brochure" that would attract new residents or vistors to their neighborhood or community. Students can create the brochure by drawing and/or cutting and pasting images from existing publications.

  4. Let students share their completed brochures with another class. You might also consider planning a hallway display of Community Brochures near the front office or other visible area in your school.


Students who are new to the community -- or new to the United States -- may want to create a brochure of the community from which they came. This is a great way to make new students feel comfortable; it also gives the rest of the class an opportunity to learn about other communities, near and far.

Invite a small group of business people or community leaders to visit your classroom and listen to students present their Community Brochures.

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