Make a Big Welcome Book

Art and Language Arts Activity

With this activity, children work as a team to create a "welcome book" to help new students feel at ease, and to express a personal view of their school and themselves.



  1. Help children brainstorm what information they might include in a Welcome Book for new students by asking:

  2. Make a list of children's ideas. Then give each child a large sheet of drawing paper and let them work in small groups to create a big book page for a class Welcome Book. You may want to suggest the following:

  3. Help children bind their pages into a class Welcome Book. When a new children arrive, assign a classroom buddy to present the book to each of them to look at together or individually. When new children are ready, encourage them to add their own page or snapshot to the Welcome Book.


The Big Welcome Book could be expanded or adapted for all classes and kept in the main office for any new child.

Children who are new in school and come from other countries might enjoy adding to the Big Book Welcome Book themselves by drawing picture s their school, friends, or something else from their native lands.

As a challenge, children might consider what visitors to the school (including parents) might need to know about to make their visit pleasant. Children can create a Big Visitor's Book to be kept in the main office.

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