A Texas Alphabet

Social Studies, Art, and Language Arts Activity

Students create an alphabet book for younger children based on Texas themes.



  1. Circulate examples of alphabet books and ask students how and what younger children can learn from them. Point out, if necessary, that not only can children learn the letters of the alphabet, they can also learn about the things that are pictured. Encourage a discussion of students' memories of having used alphabet books of their own or with a younger child.

  2. Divide students into publishing teams, with responsibilities for writers, editors, artists, and bookmakers. Have each team plan a Texas alphabet. Explain that each letter should stand for something that can be found in Texas. For example: A is for Austin, B is for bronco, C is for cattle, D is for Dallas, and so forth.

  3. Once students have researched a state-related subject for each letter, they create the text and drawing for each page, decorate a cover, and bind the book. Encourage students to develop step-by-step checks for accuracy.

  4. On publication day, have students share their completed books with other teams.


Pair each of your students with a kindergartner and have them study an alphabet book together. Later, encourage your students to share what they learned from teaching.

Hold a publishing party to which you invite family and members of the community. Students present their work and answer questions about how they produced the books. Serve simple snacks that students help to prepare.

Before the publication date, have students "test market" the alphabet books. Have them get feedback by trying earlier versions on younger siblings, then use the input to make changes in the final design.

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