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Science Library Adventures Teacher Guide
Take kids on an adventure!
The Big Seed

Wheel Away!

Grade 1
Welcome to the Green House

Jonathan and His Mommy

Grade 2
Mousekin's Lost Woodland

How Big Were the Dinosaurs?

Grade 3
Drip Drop, Water's Journey

Insect Metamorphosis

Your students can explore space, study dinosaurs, learn about earthquakes and more!

The Science Library Adventures combine the literature of Houghton Mifflin Science DiscoveryWorks with fun activities that your students will enjoy.

Click on a book title to see a summary of the book — let each adventure begin!

Discovery Works

  Grade 4
Lightning and Other Wonders of the Sky

I Can Save the Earth

Grade 5
The Illustrated World of Space

Why Save the Rain Forest?

Grade 6
Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Microscope: How to Use It and Enjoy It

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