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Possible Science Fair Topics
Grades 4 to 5

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive. Rather, it should be used to stimulate and encourage other ideas and possibilities on the part of the students. There is certainly lots to explore, lots to discover, and lots to investigate in a science fair.

  • How do temperature changes affect a fish?
  • Do preservatives stop bread mold from growing?
  • How leaves lose water
  • The effect of sunlight on plants
  • What fabrics make good insulators?
  • Materials that are the best conductors of electricity
  • How are crystals formed?
  • Removing salt from water
  • The three layers of the earth
  • Create your own fossils
  • The ocean floor
  • Taste buds on the tongue
  • What does a magnetic field look like?
  • Properties of minerals
  • Food chains and food webs
  • How animals live underground
  • The life cycle of non-seed plants
  • How plants make food
  • How animals and plants adapt in order to survive
  • How rocks are formed
  • How air temperature changes
  • Similarities and differences between the planets
  • Compare predicted weather with actual weather
  • Bird's nest
  • Series and parallel circuits

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