Written Report

Title Page (2 points) Score:____
___Is it present?
___Is the title of the project and the student's name included?
Table of Contents (5 points) Score:____
___Are all parts listed?
___Are all sections listed in order?
Statement of Purpose (15 points) Score:____
___Does it pose a question that can be investigated or measured?
___Does it pertain to the experiment or project conducted?
___Is it within the student's ability level?
Hypothesis (5 points)
(Included for experiments only)
___Does it answer the purpose?
___Does it tell what the student is trying to determine with the project?
Research (15 points) Score:____
___Does the research pertain to the topic?
___Is it complete and thorough?
___Does it represent a diversity of sources?
___Have both print and non-print resources been consulted?
Materials (10 points) Score:____
___Are all materials listed?
___Are specific amounts given?
___Are there sufficient materials?
Procedures (10 points) Score:____
___Are procedures listed in chronological order?
___Could the project/experiment be replicated?
___Are they in a logical order?
Observations (15 points) Score:____
___Do observations indicate what was done in the project?
___Did the student choose the best form for recording the observations?
___Are they sequential?
Conclusion (15 points) Score:____
___Does it answer the purpose?
___If an experiment, does it adequately explain the results?
___Is it sufficient in form and length?
Bibliography (8 points) Score:____
___Is it in alphabetical order?
___Is it sufficient in terms of the scope of the project?

Total for Written Report_____
(100 possible points)

Total For Project_____
(200 possible points)

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