Name:_____________________________ Grade:_______
Teacher:_________________________ School:__________________________
Dates of the science fair:_______________
Date to begin working on the project:____________
(count back eight weeks from the science fair opening date)

Week 1
· Choose a topic to investigate or explore
· Make a list of resources (school library, community library, places to write, people to interview)
· Select necessary reading material
· Begin preliminary investigations
Week 5
· Organize any necessary apparatus
· Continue recording observations in your notebook
· Set up final outline for written report
· Work on first draft of written report

Week 2
· Continue library work
· Start a notebook for keeping records
· Begin sketching preliminary designs for your display
· Ask lots of questions
· Set up any experimental designs.

Week 6
· Start assembling display unit
· Continue recording notes
· Check books, pamphlets, magazines for
additional ideas
· Verify information with experts
(teachers, professors, scientists, parents)

Week 3
· Complete initial research
· Interview experts (teachers, parents, etc.)
for more information
· Contact community people as necessary
· Decide how to set up your display unit
· Decide what materials you will use in the display
· Read materials and other necessary resources

Week 7
· Begin designing charts, graphs, or other visual
aids for the display unit
· Complete experiment or collection
· Take final photographs and have them developed
· Write second draft of the report
· Record final observations on any experiment
· Prepare signs, titles, and labels for display unit
· Consult with any experts

Week 4
· Collect or buy materials for your display
· Begin setting up your experiment or demonstration
· Continue adding information to project notebook
· Work on photographs or illustrations for the display
Week 8
· Complete graphs, charts, and visual aids
· Finish constructing your display
· Type or print final draft of written report
· Mount graphs, charts, drawings, photographs
· Assemble components of the display; check
against your list
· Proofread your written report
· Set up display at home and check for any problems
· Transport your project to the science fair site
· Set up project
· Check, double-check, and triple-check everything
· Pat yourself on the back!

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