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Judging Form

The following criteria have been used in many science fairs around the country to evaluate science fair projects. You are encouraged to share these points with your students and their parents throughout the weeks leading up to the science fair.

Each of the two major categories—Display/Display Materials and Written Report— has been assigned a possible 100 points (200 points total). Individual subsections have suggested point values attached to them; however, not every item in these lists will apply to every project.

Check off the applicable items and assign a point value from 0 to the total potential points for that subsection. Add up the points for all the subsections for an overall score.


You should feel free to work with your students or colleagues to modify this form (e.g., adding or deleting subsections or substituting alternative questions) to suit the specific conditions of your school or science program. Adjustment of point values for selected subsections is also encouraged.

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