Display/Display Materials

Creativity (30 points) Score:____
___Are the materials presented imaginatively?
___Is the project original?
___Is the display attractively designed?
___Is the project distinctive?
___Is interesting information included in the display?
___Are the data or results interpreted appropriately?
___Has the student shown inventiveness?
Scientific Thought (30 points) Score:____
___Is the experiment designed to answer a question?
___Is the topic or problem stated clearly and completely?
___Have appropriate resources been cited?
___Have experts been consulted?
___Has a systematic plan of action been stated?
___Is there an adequate solution or conclusion?
___Is a project notebook provided with the display?
___Have any problems or limitations been noted?
___Does the student understand all the facts and/or theories?
Thoroughness (15 points) Score:____
___Is the project complete?
___Does the project represent a sufficient amount of time?
___Is a problem adequately answered or pursued?
___Does the project include a display unit, three-dimensional items, and a written report?
___Does the project tell a complete story?
___Were all potential sources of information consulted?
Skill (15 points) Score:____
___Does the project represent the student's own work?
___Does the project represent quality workmanship?
___How much outside assistance did the student need?
___Does the project indicate extensive planning?
___How much supervision did the student require?
Clarity (10 points) Score:____
___Are titles and written descriptions legible?
___Are the data clearly presented?
___Can the average person understand the project?
___Is the written material well prepared?
___Are drawings and diagrams neat and attractive?
___Are discussions clear and straightforward?

Total for Display/Display Materials (100 possible points)

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