The Invention Convention Steps for Students
Grades 1-3

Can you invent something? Can you think of an idea or invention that will help people? Read the five steps below. They will help you to become an inventor. Then bring your idea or invention to the Invention Convention.

Step 1: Learning About Inventors
Learn about inventors. Read about them in books. Talk to people about them.
Step 1: Learn About Inventors
Step 2: Finding an Idea
Think about something people need in order to make life better. Talk to people about something they would like to see changed. Then tell your teacher about it on a special sheet of paper called "My New Idea."
Step 2: Find an Idea
Step 3: Research and Planning
Use your plan to make an invention. Or write about how your invention would help to solve a problem. Be sure to follow science safety rules when you make an invention.
Step 3: Research and Planning
Step 4: Developing and Testing
Test your invention or your plan. Make sure it works and is safe to use. Tell about your invention. You may want to draw a picture of it. Use the sheet called My Invention.
Step 4: Developing and Testing
Step 5: Attending the Invention Convention
Get your invention or plan ready for the Invention Convention. Try to make it look as good as you can. Learn all you can about how it works and what it is good for. Bring it to the Invention Convention. Be ready to answer questions.
Step 5: Attending The Invention Convention

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