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Invention Convention

Copy Masters

Copy masters of the forms and procedures needed to make the Invention Convention a success are provided online and can be printed as needed. A brief description of each follows.

Some of the resources below are provided as PDF files. This allows for better clarity and printing. The Copy Master will open in a new browser window. To open these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat® Reader™ software installed on your hard drive. If you do not have this software, click here for information on downloading the software.

Examples of Real Inventions
This page is from Weird and Wacky Inventions by Jim Murphy. Have students study the drawings, read the clues given, and guess the proposed use of each from the lists given. (Correct uses: a hunting decoy; a hair-cutting device.)

Parent's Letter
This is a one-page letter designed to acquaint the parent with the Invention Convention and to encourage the parent's interest in the child's project.

Steps for Students (Grades 1 - 3)
Steps for Students (Grades 4 - 6)
These two copy masters list the various procedural steps that each student should follow to complete an invention. Separate copy masters are provided for students from Grades 1-3 and students from Grades 4-6. These forms may be printed, duplicated, and distributed immediately after you have discussed the steps for getting started.

My New Idea (Grades 1-3) PDF file
Intent to Invent (Grades 4-6) PDF file
These forms are to be filled out after each student has decided on an invention idea. They should be filled out in class and then taken home for the parent's signature.

My Invention (Grades 1-3) PDF file
Patent Application (Grades 4-6) PDF file
Upon completion of an invention, each student should be given the appropriate form. The student should complete the form and have both teacher and principal sign it. The completion of this form makes the student eligible for the Invention Convention.

Research and Development (Grades 1-3, optional; Grades 4-6) PDF file
Personal Project Summary (Grades 1-3, optional; Grades 4-6) PDF file
These forms should be given to students after they have submitted their idea for an invention. Both forms should be turned in with the Patent Application. The intent of these forms is to have students document the inventive process in which they were engaged. The completion of these forms makes the student eligible for the Invention Convention. Students in Grades 1-3 can be asked to complete these forms with the help of an adult.

Patent Certificate PDF file
Each student who enters the Invention Convention and has her or his project judged will be given a Patent Certificate.

Judging Form PDF file
Each student should be given a Judging Form the day of the Invention Convention. The top section of the form should be completed by the student and handed to the judge at the time the project is evaluated.

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