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Invention Convention


Planning for The Invention Convention

If the Invention Convention is to be a schoolwide or districtwide event, meet with other teachers and administrators to coordinate the activities and establish time limits. As soon as possible, decide on a date, time, and place for the convention. While the amount of time necessary for students to complete their projects varies from one student to another, it is recommended that the optimal period of six weeks be allowed from beginning to end. Six weeks is ample time for students to complete their projects.

Appoint a team of teachers and administrators to coordinate the event. Elect one member as chairperson to head up the planning and the assigning of specific responsibilities. Some of the areas of specific responsibility are publicity, judging, awards, and setting up the facility where the event will be held. An individual should also be appointed to see that local and school libraries have copies of books on inventors and inventions for student use (see Resource Materials).