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Invention Convention


The committee member in charge of judging should set up a process for selecting judges. Excellent candidates for judges would be high school and junior high school science teachers, high school science honor students, college science majors, university science professors, and local scientists, and parents with science backgrounds. You will need approximately one judge for every ten inventions to be judged.

student projects

Invite judges well in advance of the convention so that they may set aside a two-hour period before the convention to judge the projects. Preferably the judges would judge the projects during the school day when students are available to answer questions.

Several days before the convention, judges should be sent copies of The Invention Convention Overview, Steps for Students (1 - 3), Steps for Students (4 - 6), and the Judging Form. This information will help them to become familiar with the procedures.

Judges should rate each project in one of seven categories based on the following scale:

35-32 Superior
31-27 Excellent
26-22 Good
21-11 Fair
10-0 Unsatisfactory