Unit D: Looking at the Sky

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

A Tree for All Seasons
Summary: A maple tree changes as the four seasons come and go.

On Level

The Sky at Night
Summary: The reader learns about all of the things that can be seen in the night sky.


Sun Up, Sun Down
Summary: Ana watches the movement of the Sun across the sky.


What Makes the Seasons?
Rhyming text explains why the seasons change and what makes the weather.
It's Summer!
A girl observes the coming of summer and its effects on plants, animals, and the weather. See also It's Fall!, It's Winter!, and It's Spring! by the same author.
The Moon
Simple words and photos describe the Moon and its phases.
Sunshine: A Book About Sunlight
This book offers facts about how the Sun gives us light, warmth, weather, and day and night.