Unit B: Where Plants and Animals Live

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

A Bear Needs a Place to Climb
Summary: See bear cubs in their habitats to learn about their basic needs.

On Level

Mouse's Meadow
Summary: A mouse on its way home meets some animals that live in the meadow.


Our Home Is the Pond
Summary: Learn how beavers use the pond environment to meet their needs.


What's Alive?
The characteristics of living and nonliving things are clearly and simply presented.
Animal Babies in Ponds and Rivers
Otters, ducks, and hippos are some of the animal babies and their mothers featured.
Over in the Meadow
This familiar rhyme features a meadow filled with animal mothers and their babies.
On the Way to the Beach
As he walks to the beach, a boy observes the plants and animals that thrive in different habitats.