Seeds Grow

Do you know which of these seeds:

  • there is a picture of a pile of black seeds with white edges© Photodisc/Getty Images.
  • there is a picture of two black seeds within a segment of a white heart shaped fruit© PhotoAlto/Getty Images.
  • there is a picture of acorns© imagebroker/Alamy.

will grow into:

  • an oak tree?© Authors Image/Alamy.
  • sunflowers?© Brand X Pictures/Getty Images.
  • a pear?© Ingram Publishing/Alamy.


  • seed: The part of a plant that has a new plant inside it.

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Farming in Kern County

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Did you have cereal with almonds? An orange? Did you drink a glass of milk? If you did, your breakfast may have come from Kern County.

Farmers in Kern County grow many kinds of food. They also raise cows and chickens. The biggest crop from Kern County is almonds. Last year, farm workers picked almost 100,000 tons of almonds!

Another big crop in Kern County is grapes. Some of these grapes are dried so that they turn into raisins. Farmers also grew pistachios, carrots, cotton, potatoes, roses, and apples. The farmers in Kern County are busy!


2005 Kern County Agricultural Crop Report (PDF file)