Unit D: Atmosphere and Solar System

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

Tornado Chasers
Summary: Describes the daring and expertise of experts who follow tornadoes.

On Level

Space Wardrobe
Summary: Explains the science and technology behind dressing for outer space.


15 Facts about Stars
Summary: Presents facts and statistics about the universe and astronomy.



The Best Book of Weather
Explores basic and complex weather topics.
Blizzard: The Storm That Changed America
A vivid account of the March 1888 blizzard in the Northeast.
Forecasting the Weather
A look at the systems used to forecast weather.


The Moon
An explanation of the Moon's satellite relationship to Earth.
Stars and Planets
Explores the planets and stars of the galaxy and beyond.
Exploring Saturn
Describes historical knowledge and studies of Saturn.


Looking for Life in the Universe
Jill Tarter works to determine if life exists on other planets.
Out-of-This-World Astronomy: 50 Amazing Activities and Projects
An array of facts and activities for beginning sky watchers.