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Image: Martin, Liz, Amy, and Click are standing in a field pointing at the stars. The Big Dipper and Little Dipper are outlined in the sky.

Martin says, “But where is the North Star?”

Liz says, “I almost forgot! Find the Big Dipper again. See the two stars at the end of the bowl? Those are called pointer stars because they point in a straight line to the North Star. There it is!”

Amy says, “It's nice and bright. And look! It's the end of the handle for that baby dipper!”

Image: Martin, Liz, Amy, and Click are walking against the night sky.

Liz says, “Think you'll be able to find the North Star again, Amy and Martin?”

Martin says, “Oh yes! We'll never have to worry about getting lost again, as long as it's a starry night.”

Amy says, “Too bad Hansel and Gretel didn't know about the North Star. It would've saved them a lot of trouble.”

Click says, “And they could've had their bread crumbs for lunch.”


  1. Have you ever gone outside at night to look at the stars?
    If so, what did you see?
    [anno: Answers will vary.]
  2. Any group of stars can form all kinds of different pictures. Make a new picture from the stars used to make the Big Dipper. On a piece of paper, draw the stars used to form the Big Dipper. Now draw a new picture using those stars. You have just made your own star picture! [anno: Students' drawings will vary. Students should use the stars from the Big Dipper.]