Unit D: Patterns in the Sky

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

My First Snow
Summary: A Jamaican girl who has moved north experiences her first snowfall.

On Level

Star Gazing in Our Solar System
Summary: Objects that can be seen in the night sky and day sky are described.


Maria Mitchell
Summary: American astronomer Maria Mitchell discovered a comet and helped other women study astronomy.



Weather and Climate
Clear text and activities explain weather and the seasons.
Sunshine Makes the Seasons
Readers learn how the Sun's light causes seasonal changes.
The Best Book of Weather
Various weather phenomena, including rain and snow, are explained.
An overview of the weather presents concepts in a clear, straightforward way.


Solar System
An introduction to the solar system covers planets, stars, moons, and space flight.
Sun Up, Sun Down: The Story of Day and Night
Readers see how a day and night unfold in one family's backyard.
Next Stop Neptune: Experiencing the Solar System
This tour of the solar system is filled with facts about planets, moons, and asteroids.
A boy and his dog learn all about stars, including what makes them so bright.