Unit B: Environments and Energy

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

Down by the Stream
Summary: A young girl describes how plants and animals rely on a stream near her home.

On Level

River Otter
Summary: Readers learn about the habitat and habits of river otters.


7 Ways to Get Energy
Summary: Readers learn about how plants and animals get the energy they need to survive.



I See a Kookabura!
Animals around the world adapt to their habitats in different ways.
One Small Place in a Tree
A look at the microcosm of a decaying tree reveals how animals adapt to its demise.
Nature in the Neighborhood
Children discover the plants and animals that can be found in their own neighborhoods.
River Discoveries
Twenty-four hours in the existence of a river environment are brought to life.


Plants Feed on Sunlight
Readers learn the different ways in which plants get energy to grow.
Energy: Heat, Light, and Fuel
This book explains different kinds of energy, including the energy that comes from food and water.
Energy Makes Things Happen
This primer on different types of energy uses familiar examples for explanation.
Feel the Power: Energy All Around
An introduction to the various forms of energy includes the Sun and people power.