Unit F: Energy Sources and Motion

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

It's Too Loud
Summary: Readers learn about sounds that are too loud and can hurt hearing.

On Level

Making it Go
Summary: Readers learn what makes different objects move.


Night Lights
Summary: Readers explore different sources of light used at night.



That's Hot!
Readers learn about forms and sources of heat.
All About Light
Readers explore the concept of light through facts and photos.
Light: Shadows, Mirrors, and Rainbows
Readers find out about types of light, including sunlight and moonlight.
All About Sounds
Readers explore the concept of sound through simple words and photos.


Energy Makes Things Happen
Readers learn about different kinds of energy.
Move It!
Readers learn the principles of how and why things move.
Motion: Push and Pull, Fast and Slow
Readers discover how objects begin moving and what makes them stop.
Force and Motion
Simple experiments help readers explore the concept of how things move.