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Image: Martin is speaking to Amy.

Martin says, “Hey! Let's build a treehouse!”

Amy says, “I bet there's some wood in the shed we can use. Let's ask Liz.”

Image: Martin and Amy enter the shed. Liz is standing inside, next to a wall of tools.

Martin says, “Wow, there sure are a lot of tools. I'll get my wagon to carry the ones we need.”

Image: Martin and Amy walk away from the shed pulling a red wagon. Liz hands Amy some safety glasses.

Liz says, “I'll help with the wood. Don't forget your safety glasses.”

Click says, “Giddyap, Martin!”

Image: Martin reaches into the red wagon. Amy is wearing a tool belt.

Martin says, “Oh boy! I love working with tools!”

Amy says, “This toolbelt keeps everything so organized!”


  1. Which tool would you use to find out how long an object is?
    [anno: You would use a measuring tape to find out how long an object is.]
  2. Which tool helps you change the shape of an object?
    [anno: A saw or sandpaper would help you change the shape of an object.]
  3. What do you measure with a level?
    [anno: A level measures whether or not an object is straight.]