Unit C: Earth, Our Home

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

7 Uses for Air
Summary: Readers find out about ways to use air.

On Level

What Makes a Garden Grow?
Summary: Readers learn how a boy helps his parents plant and tend a garden.


We Can Recycle
Summary: Readers learn about items that can be recycled.



Readers learn about the composition and importance of soil.
My Best Book of Fossils, Rocks and Minerals
Readers explore Earth's natural riches.
Dirt: The Scoop on Soil
Readers find out about different types of soil, such as sand, silt, and clay.
Readers learn how rocks are formed and used.


Air: Outside, Inside, and All Around Us
Readers discover what air can do, including making balloons float and ears pop.
Waste Not: Time to Recycle
Readers learn about the importance of recycling, including easy ways to recycle.
Readers explore the natural cycles of soil and water and how people can help nature's recycling process.
Rising Up, Falling Down
Readers learn how the cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation provides fresh water to Earth.