Unit A: Plants, Animals, and People

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Leveled Independent Science Books

Extra Support

People Parts
Summary: Readers discover how their body parts help them do things.

On Level

A Trip to the Zoo
Summary: Readers learn about characteristics of animal groups through a visit to the zoo.


Antonia Novello, Doctor for the Nation
Summary: Readers learn how Antonia Novello became the U.S. Surgeon General.



Flowers, Trees, and Fruits
Easy activities accompany basic information about plant structure and growth.
Are Trees Alive?
Readers discover how trees take in nutrients, grow, and adapt to change.


Ducks Have Ducklings
Readers follow a duck from birth to adulthood. See others in the Animals and Their Young series.
What Do You Do with a Tail Like This?
Readers learn about the amazing things that animals can do with their body parts.


The Cycle of Your Life
Readers learn about things people do at different stages of the life cycle.
Me and My Amazing Body
A girl explains how her lungs, heart, and other body parts function.