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Internet Field Trip: Earth's Crust, Mantle,
and Core

Internet Links

Public Broadcasting Service Online
Savage Earth Animation: The Hot Zones

See beautiful moving images and learn more about Earth's interior.

Internet Field Trip: Types of Movement
Between Plates

Internet Links

Public Broadcasting Service:A Science Odyssey:
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker — You Try It: Plate Tectonics

Build mountains. Trigger volcanoes. Create a new sea floor.
You can change the landscape with the slightest movement of
your mouse.

Public Broadcasting Service:
Savage Earth: Hell's Crust: Our Ever-Changing Planet

See animations of plate boundaries as they spread apart,
converge, and slide past one another.

Internet Field Trip: San Andreas Fault

Internet Links

United States Geological Survey:
The San Andreas Fault

Learn about tectonic plate movement along the San Andreas Fault.

Internet Field Trip: Volcanoes

Internet Links

University of North Dakota:
Volcano World — The Premier Source of Volcano Information

Hike to the rim of a volcano or peek over the crater's edge!

United States Geological Survey: Volcanoes
Explore volcanoes—their nature, types, products, and hazards.

The Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection:
Volcanoes: Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?

Learn why volcanoes occur and where the volcanic hot spots are.

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