Grade 5
Student Resources (English)


Unit: A; B; C; D; E; F

Unit A
Creating a Museum Display

Building a Model of an Air Sac

Scoring Rubric


Unit B

Space-Station Window Frame

Planet/Moon Trip Planner

Space-Station Computer Screen

Space-Station Life-Support Planner

Space-Station Meal Planner

Space-Station Personal Gear Planner

Space-Station Design Planner

Space-Station Roles/Jobs Planner

Scoring Rubric


Unit C
Get Organized!

Scoring Rubric


Unit D
Changes Over Time

Changes Over Time (continued)

Biomes and Continents

On Display

Scoring Rubric


Unit E
Mineral Collection Chart

Rock Collection Chart

Fossil Collection Chart

Scoring Rubric


Unit F
Making Rod Puppets

Writing A Script

Creating Sound Effects

Making A Musical Bow

Making A Reed Pipe

Making Nail Chimes

Making A Tambourine

Making A Theater Program

Scoring Rubric


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