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Internet Field Trip: Optical Illusions
Learn more about optical illusions.

Internet Links

Distortion Illusions
Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Observe the "Ponzo Illusion."

Distortion Illusions
Watch as a triangle and a square "breathe." Observe the "Breathing Objects Illusion."

Ilusiones cambiantes
Participa en un juego de ilusiones ópticas.

El museo virtual de Escher
Observa las obras del pintor Maurits Cornelius Escher.

Internet Field Trip: Microscopes

Internet Links

Scanning Electron Microscope
A scanning electron microscope is an amazing tool for seeing the microscopic world. Find out how this incredible device works!

Microscopio virtual
Aprende cómo fueron inventados los microscopios y mira algunas fotos microscópicas.

Internet Field Trip: Sound

Internet Links

The Soundry
What are sound waves? How fast does sound travel? What is the Doppler effect? Visit the Soundry to find out!

Sound FX Page
This Web site has lots of bells and whistles—and other neat sounds. Hear chimes, grandfather clocks, and more at this unusual site.

Vocales vocalizadas
¿Qué es el sonido? Averígualo visitando este sitio.

Internet Field Trip: Sound Recording

Internet Links

How Tape Recorders Work
Visit this Web site to learn how a tape recorder captures sound.

How Compact Discs (CDs) Work
Do you want to know how tape recorders and CD players work? This Web site explains how!

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