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Internet Field Trip: Quartz and Other Minerals

Internet Links

Amethyst Galleries, Inc. — The Mineral Gallery: The Mineral Quartz
Explore all the varieties of the mineral quartz.

TheImage.Com — Mineral Gallery: Quartz
Learn the basic facts about quartz and see beautiful close-ups.

Natural Resources Canada — Ontario Mining Association:
Minerals and Metals at Home

Find minerals and metals all around your home!

TheImage.Com — Mineral Gallery
Choose a mineral to explore.

Mundo de ámbar
Habla del origen del ámbar y de los fósiles atrapados en ella, entre otros temas.

Internet Field Trip: Earth's Interior

Internet Links

The Tech Museum of Innovation — Layers of the Earth
Explore each layer of the Earth.

Nevada Seismological Laboratory — Earth's Interior
Find out what goes on inside each layer of the Earth.

Hawaiian Astronomical Society — Earth's Interior and Plate Tectonics
Learn more about the Earth's interior.

Hawaiian Astronomical Society
Earth's Interior and Plate Tectonics

Explore the Earth's interior.

Internet Field Trip: Earthquakes

Internet Links

Public Broadcasting Service
PBS Online: Savage Earth — The Restless Planet: Earthquakes

Be shaken by this earthquake animation!

The Tech Museum of Innovation — Earthquakes
Learn about the devices used to measure earthquakes—
and much, much more!

Nevada Seismological Laboratory — Plate Tectonics, the Cause of Earthquakes
Find out what causes earthquakes.

California State University — Geology Labs On–Line: Virtual Earthquake
Create a virtual earthquake!

University of California, Santa Barbara — Institute for Crustal Studies:
Understanding Earthquakes

See earthquake locations on a rotating globe and take an earthquake quiz.

The Exploratorium — Life Along the Faultline
Explore the how and why of earthquakes.

U.S. Geological Survey — Earthquake Information: Reducing Hazards
Learn earthquake safety.

¿Qué se debe hacer ante un terremoto fuerte? Aprende aquí qué debes hacer para protegerte.

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