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Unit 5E, Weather and Climate

Unit Project: Collecting and Presenting Weather Data

Are you a weather watcher? Build your own weather station. Construct weather instruments and collect weather data. See if you can forecast the weather!

Project Link 1 (Chapter 1, page E17)
Place a thermometer in different parts of your weather station. Then record the temperatures. Compare your temperature readings with other groups in your class. Discuss any differences you find. Finally, decide on the one best location for a thermometer.

Internet Links
Using a Thermometer

Miami Museum of Science: Reading a Thermometer

Miami Museum of Science: Observing Temperature

Miami Museum of Science: Graphing the Temperature

Energy Quest: Science Projects - Make a Thermometer

Student Resources

  • Recording the Temperature

    Project Link 2 (Chapter 2, page E43)
    Decide which of your barometers to place in the weather station. Then record air-pressure data. Place a weather vane, an anemometer, and a rain gauge in the weather station. Record data about wind direction, wind speed, and precipitation amounts.

    Internet Links
    Meteorologist's Toolbox

    It's a Breeze: How Air Pressure Affects You

    Science Learning Network: Wind Vane

    Science Learning Network: Anemometer

    Miami Museum of Science: Measure Rainfall

    NASA: For Kids Only--Air Pressure

    Student Resources

  • Recording Air Pressure
  • Recording Wind Direction
  • Recording Wind Speed
  • Recording Precipitation Amounts

    Project Link 3 (Chapter 3, page E59)
    Measure weather conditions and make weather predictions based on the data you collect. Make predictions with your small group first. Then discuss your findings and agree on a class forecast.

    Internet Links
    Weather Predicting

    United States Weather

    Internet Weather Source

    Student Resources

  • Making Predictions

  • Project Link 4 (Chapter 4, page E80)
    Use your weather station to collect data through several seasons.

    Internet Links
    Weather Patterns

    Weather Forecasts

    Weather Underground

    Student Resources

  • Changing Seasons

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