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Unit 5D, Water on Earth

Unit Project: Waterville
Design a water system for a planned community. Construct a model to show how water is cleaned and transported.

Project Link 1 (Chapter 1, page D17)
Think about the water needs for the new community and what sources might be available. Research the answers to your questions and choose the best water source for the new town.

Internet Links
Water Sources

Urbanization and the Hydrologic System

California Department of Water Resources

Water in the City

The Watershed Game: City

Student Resources

  • Waterville Brochure
  • Plans for Waterville Map
  • Plans for Waterville Map (continued)
  • Plans for Waterville Map (continued)
  • Plans for Waterville Map (continued)

    Project Link 2 (Chapter 2, page D33)
    Design a system to clean and transport water to the new town. Construct a model to show how the water will get to the homes and other places that use water in the town.

    Internet Links
    Supplying Clean Water

    Wastewater Treatment

    Explorers Club: Water

    Water Purification

    Project Link 3 (Chapter 3, page D45)
    Think of at least twelve ways that people and businesses in the town can conserve water and prevent pollution. Create a special calendar with each month suggesting a different way to conserve water or prevent pollution.

    Internet Links
    Protecting Water

    Water Facts and Conservation Tips

    Be Water Smart

    Monitoring Water Quality

    EPA Water Pollution "Nonpoint Source Pollution"

    Pesticides in Ground Water

    Acid Rain and Water

    Protecting Our Resources

    Student Resources

  • Conserve and Care Calendar

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